About Tellpopeyes

TellPopeyes is essentially a customer feedback survey that can be taken on the website www.tellpopeyes.com. This survey helps restaurants know and understand the dining experiences of all their customers so that they can then serve their patrons better in the future. The Tellpopeyes survey is a great idea to understand what worked and what didn’t for the customers so that restaurants can accordingly modify their products and services to satisfy their customers. This can even help them improve their menus, ambience, pricing and much more so that customers can have a nice time dining in the restaurants of Popeyes.

In order to take this survey, you will be required to follow the guidelines and requirements mentioned on www.tellpopeyes.com.

The Guest Experience Survey Of Popeyes USA – TellPopeyes Survey

The TellPopeyes survey of Popeyes restaurants is conducted with the following motives and objectives:

  • To know the levels of customer satisfaction in the customers have who have dined in their restaurants and the things they need to work on or change to enhance their overall experience
  • To create a connection with customers and show them that the restaurant appreciates their feedback and cares about their experience and well-being
  • To understand the level of satisfaction of its customers with the restaurant’s staff, services and management
  • To obtain consumer ratings according to their services in the food and hospitality sector so that they can create a reputation for themselves in the industry
  • To understand if any of the consumers have has to undergo any kind of inconvenience, distress or unprofessional behaviour by the staff
  • To know if the quantity and quality of food was satisfactory for the patrons

These are the most common motives of restaurants seeking feedback from their customers through the medium of surveys.

TellPopeyes Survey – Requirements

When you take the survey of TellPopeyes, you must fill the requirements mentioned below so that you can fill the form without any hassle or headache:

  • You must have a working electronic device with an active internet connection. It can be a tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.
  • You must have a receipt from your most recent visit to any Popeyes restaurant.
  • You must know either Spanish or English.

When you take the TellPopeyes survey, you must keep these basic requirements in mind. Remember that the invitation code for the survey is valid only for 2 days after dining at the restaurant. Hence, it is recommended that you take the survey before the expiry of the invitation code.

Holidays Of Popeyes

The restaurant is closed on Christmas day and Easter Sunday. Other than these two days, it is open for all customers, regardless of any other holiday.


Hope this article gave you some clarity about the benefits of taking the TellPopeyes survey. Following the steps mentioned above and by keeping the requirements in mind, you can give your feedback to the restaurant regarding your dining experience there. The best thing is that your comments will be taken seriously to improve your next experience at the restaurant.